Our Catering Menu

all Nibbles minimum of 12 per order


Sandwiches & Rolls

Choose your choice of fillings:

⋅ Champagne ham with relish and salad ⋅ Roast vegetables with aioli or chermoula and salad Roast chicken breast with pesto and salad ⋅ Stir fry beef with relish and salad


SALAD choices:

V – Vegetarian/DF – Dairy free/GF – Gluten Free/Vegan

⋅ Feta pasta (V) ⋅Kumara and bacon with curried aioli (GF,DF) ⋅ Potato and ham with aioli ( DF,GF) ⋅ Thai beef noodle (DF) ⋅ Seasonal roast vegetable with chermoula dressing or Honey mustard( V,DF,GF) ⋅ Tuna pasta ⋅ Chicken pasta with creamy mayo dressing ⋅ Mediterranean chicken coleslaw (DG,GF,Low calorie) ⋅ Caesar salad (DG,Low calories) ⋅ Spicy chick pea (DG,V,Vegan) ⋅ Spicy Chorizo and mushroom with Orzo ⋅ Beetroot and Danish feta (GF,V,Low calories) ⋅ Seasonal greens and Almond (V,Vegan,GF,DF,Low calories ⋅ Tabouli Salad ( Vegan,V,GF,DG) ⋅ Potato and Tuna salad with creamy Aioli

Lunch Boxes

Gluten Free Lunch Boxes $16.50

A complete, all in one meal option. Very popular for training days and seminars

  • Choose either one roll or a large hot savoury option
  • Choose one side salad opiton
  • Chose one sweet option (from $4.50 selection)
  • To save time, or for large groups, simply request mixed lunch boxes and you will receive a selection of choices!
  • The popular launch boxes is a filled roll, side salad, and a sweet muffin or loaf. These are always a hit!